About Joy Martini, LCSW-C

About Joy Martini, LSWC-C

As a licensed clinical social worker, I have been helping clients in the Maryland and Washington DC for more than 10 years. My philosophy centers around creating a safe environment and relationship where my clients can become curious about themselves. With curiosity we can deepen our self-awareness and gain insight around what guides our behaviors. Willingness to look inside ourselves allows us to bring about sustainable change. I believe in reflecting on past experiences to address our current situation so that we are able to develop a sustainable path forward.

I specialize in helping adolescents and young adults along with parent guidance and family therapy. Working in an IOP (Intensive outpatient program) provided the opportunity to work with a variety of clients struggling with intense challenges.  I incorporate a range of therapeutic, educational and supportive methods to help clients develop and practice techniques to stabilize mood, increase effective behaviors and develop healthy relationships. I help clients to identify target areas of concern and develop treatment plans that address their challenges and goals.

It is important to understand family dynamics, how family history impacts current challenges, the importance of interpersonal effectiveness, and how to guide families in respectful communication to help clients live a more meaningful and happy life.

Joy Martini, LCSW-C

Joy Martini, LSWC-C

I hold a BA in Interpersonal and Public Communications from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Social Work from National Catholic School of Social Work at Catholic University in Washington, DC. I am a Pittsburgh native and a proud Steelers and Penguins fan.

When not engaged with my clients, I love to spend time outdoors hiking and kayaking with family and friends, including my two young adult sons and my golden retriever, Roman. I also practice yoga and daily mindfulness to help strengthen my mind, body and spirit.